Urgently needed

In order for the Trust to optimally fulfill its objectives, we need the following items. This list is not exhaustive and is divided into short- to mid- term, and long term goals.

If want to help with any of the below items, please contact us here.

Alternatively, you can donate online and select "Urgently needed equipment" in the drop-down menu to make your donation go towards the listed items.

Short to mid term:

  • Veterinary fibre-optic endoscope
  • 12 well centrifuge 
  • Microhaematocrit reader 
  • Waterbath (blood incubator)
  • Refractometer 
  • TB Hauptner callipers.
  • ICOM A6 Ground to Air radio batteries
  • Examination and sterile surgical gloves, sizes 7.0; 7.5 and 8.0.
  • Elastoplast, and flex wrap bandaging material
  • Fibreglass casting material
  • Camera traps - Bushnell
  • 16G SD cards for the camera traps
  • Energiser Lithium AA batteries for the camera traps
  • Handheld GPS units, binoculars, night vision and cameras for Parks rangers
  • Sleeping bags, tents for Parks rangers
  • Choke chains and metal leads to give to dog owners (sterilisation programmes).
  • Crayons to give children on sterilisation campaigns
  • Dog kibbles (sterilisation programmes)
  • Palatable canine de-wormer in tablet form
  • Canine vaccine (DA2PPL and rabies) - note Pfizer and Merial are the only registered vaccines in Zimbabwe
  • Sponsorship for salaries for AWARE staff
  • Sponsorship for drugs and consumables
  • Pneu-Dart rhino and hippo darts 
  • Dan-Inject 3ml darts, needles and sleeves
  • Portable car/gas fridge and freezer 
  • GPS collars for large felids, with receivers
  • Fuel
  • Vehicle servicing and maintenance
  • Sponsorship for specific research projects
  • Drones


Long term:


  • Premises to build purpose built AWARE Trust hospital.
  • State of the art diagnostic equipment including ultrasound, CT and MRI scanners.
  • Microlight, Cessna 206 aircraft.
  • Bonnox Fencing for National Parks (100km)


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